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Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward


Lead Janitor

Hop Listener

An avid home brewer for the last decade, Trevor decided to take it to the next level and open his own brewery. This pleases his wife Cristina if only for the fact the that his brew gear is now out of the house. A former guitar shredder turned music audio engineer, Trevor made a name for himself tracking and mixing records for many of the San Francisco bay area’s rap luminaries of the 1990s amongst other acts. Hits were made, fun was had and bullets flew. It’s a long story. Moving to Los Angeles in the late 90s, Trevor continued honing his engineering chops working in feature post production and television amongst the best of the best in the sound community. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Cinema Audio Society. Having mastered well over 1000 film titles, tuning and designing countless mixing studio audio reproduction systems, Trevor decided that just wasn’t enough work on his plate. HiDef Brewing was born. The name Hidef and hophead headphones logo is a nod to his life experiences and passions. 


Lars Lesterud


Head of Brewing Operations


Hop Whisperer

Lars has been in the brewing industry since 1994 as a brewer, quality manager and plant manager of multiple Humboldt County, CA and So Cal breweries, and was also production manager of a large, well-known NorCal coffee roastery.  If you don’t find him at the brewery he might be out in the Santa Monica mountains cutting twisties on his motorcycle or cussing while doing woodworking. Lars built our tap room bar top from reclaimed bowling alley lanes recovered from the Midwest.


Cristina Ward


Director of Operations

Hophead Wrangler

These guys are annoying.

I'll handle this.

Fun fact: Cristina is the nicest person you will ever meet in your life. Best believe it.

Effing Steve From Sales

Marketing Director


Catnip Connoisseur

Effing Steve from Sales is our Marketing Director and manages our complaint department (because cats don’t care what you think). Found as kitten abandoned under a trash compactor, Lars took him in only to soon realize had unwittingly adopted his dark overlord and bloodletter. Marketing and online sales inquiries should be addressed to Overlord Effing Steve.

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