The Audition
Blonde Ale 4.6% ABV
A delightful balanced, refreshing dry ale with a subtle sweetness on the palate. Beer flavored beer!
Pilsner 5.0% ABV
A true German Pilsner made in the German tradition. All German malts, hops and yeast. Perfect for summer.
Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
New West Coast Pale Ale featuring Simcoe hops.  Passion fruit, citrusy and pine aromas and flavors with a dry finish and clean profile thanks to our HiDef water. 
Juicy IPA 6.7% ABV
A juicy, light bodied, unfiltered IPA featuring Citra, El Dorado and Strata hops which create layers of citrusy tropical fruit notes. 
IPA 7.2% ABV
West coast IPA bringing blueberry, grapefruit, pine and some tropical dankness. 
My Private Idahos
IPA 6.7% ABV
IPA brewed with all American Idaho base malt along with Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem hops. Complex layers of pine forrest, tropical fruit and a touch of English tea notes. 
Fermented Michelada 5.9% ABV
We flipped the script on this classic beer cocktail.
Oyster shells were added to the boil which brings a nice salty brininess.
 Then we threw all the ingredients of a michelada into the fermentor to create this one of a kind beer that brings the heat.
Black Hole
Imperial Stout 10.2% ABV
Decadent chocolate bomb made with the finest British malts. Alcohol is hidden behind the rich layers of flavor that engulf the palate. Served on Nitro gives the beer and added layer of a creamy mouth feel with some coffee notes. 
Fuzz Box
Raspberry Gose 5.5% ABV
Crisp tart sour wheat beer loaded with raspberries. Alcohol is completely hidden. Tastes like a soda!
Hazy IPA 7.1% ABV
A massive amount of Citra, El Dorado and Strata hops gives this hazy beer a huge pineapple aroma and flavor. Yep. Pineapple.